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Cake Toppers


The cake toppers range in price depending on the work involved in making each figure.

Generally a bride and groom is £46, and additional figures ie children or pets are around £8 each.

One standing figure will be £23

A figure sitting on an armchair is £28

Smaller figures (children or pets) are £8 each. These are much smaller in size intended to stand along side the 'adult height' figures.

The standing figures measure approx 10 - 13cm tall (when standing). I can match hair colours and styles and basic clothes.

Although these cake toppers aren't edible they make perfect keepsakes and can be kept forever if looked after.

Additional personalised 'extras' can also be included - some of these can be seen in the photos.

More examples of cake toppers can be seen in the gallery. Please contact me if you have a particular request.



Please note that the entire checkout process is done once you get to the payment stage so you don't need to add your name and delivery address at any other time.

This ensures that all your personal details are secure - I don't store any of your details.


Please just check that on the PayPal page your correct delivery address is inserted.


Sending Personalisation Details

When you have completed the checkout, please click on the link on the confirmation page to send me the details for personalising your order.

Or you can email the details to me. My email is jlperkins@btinternet.com


Feel free to send me photos too if you think they may help, especially with the wedding things.


If I don't hear from you with the personalisation details I will email you to ask for the necessary information.