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About Me

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Ever since I can remember I have loved art. One of my first drawings was a

picture of the front of a Ricicles packet.....when I was aged about 3!                                                              


After studying for my A levels I started my own business;  painting, drawing,

making and creating cards and gifts for special occasions and special people.

I started selling at craft fairs and school fetes, then opened a shop in Cranleigh,

Surrey in 2002.


I closed my shop in 2009 and started to trade online. This grew and grew but

sometimes life throws us a curveball.  A series of events (bad and good!) made

me change my outlook on life so I made a few decisions and I now work in a local retirement home which I have to say, is absolutely brilliant!



                                                          I still manage to make cards and things in my spare time. I am still based                

                                                          in the Cranleigh area and have a workshop in a beautiful summerhouse in                

                                                          my parents' garden. You really can't beat painting and drawing while                

                                                          watching the birds playing in the birdbath!